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The Mental Wellbeing Quiz


Respondent Instructions

The Mental Wellbeing Quiz helps you to monitor and track your mental wellbeing. Your mental wellbeing is categorised in 6 areas of your life. These are: social connections, physical activity, learning new skills, giving to others, being mindful, and your self-concept.

The Mental Wellbeing Quiz asks you to respond to 18 statements about HOW YOU’VE BEEN FEELING IN THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS.

The rating scales includes the choices ‘NONE OF THE TIME’, ‘RARELY’, ‘SOME OF THE TIME’, ‘OFTEN’ and ‘ALL OF THE TIME’.

Once you’ve responded to all 18 statements you will receive a score indicating if your mental wellbeing is ‘A BIT LOW’, ‘PRETTY GOOD’ or ‘FABULOUS’.

Good mental wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well. It is normal for your feelings to fluctuate in response to your daily life experiences. Use this tool to monitor changes in your mental wellbeing over time. However, this is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP if you are struggling.

18 Statements

The Mental Wellbeing Quiz consists of 18 statements.

There are three statements for each of six factors: Social Connections, Physical Activity, Learning New Skills, Giving to Others, Being Mindful and The Self-concept.

The statements for each factor are as follows:

Six Factors

Social Connections

I’ve been feeling that I have good relationships with other people

I feel able to connect to others when I want to

I’ve been able to share positive experiences with other people

Physical Activity

I’ve been physically active

I have spare energy

I’ve been able to get enough physical activity

Learning New Skills

I have a sense of purpose

I’ve been learning new skills

I’m interested in doing new things

Giving to Others

I’ve been offering to help and or support other people

I’ve been able to give some of my time and attention to other people (or animals) when I want to

I’m interested in other people

Being Mindful

I’ve been dealing with problems well

I’ve been thinking clearly

I’ve been able to make decisions easily

The Self-concept

I’ve been feeling emotionally stable

I’ve got respect for myself

I’ve been feeling loved

Rating Scale

Respondents are asked to rate how they’ve been feeling about each statement in the last couple of days.

The rating scales includes the choices ‘NONE OF THE TIME’, ‘RARELY’, ‘SOME OF THE TIME’, ‘OFTEN’ and ‘ALL OF THE TIME’.

Statement Scoring

Points are awarded for each choice as follows:






Total Scoring

A total mental wellbeing score is calculated by adding together the points for each of the 18 statements.

The minimum score is 0 and the maximum score is 72.

Six-Factor Scoring

The score for each of the six factors is calculated by adding together the points for each of the 3 statements in each factor.

For each of the six factors the minimum score is 0 and the maximum score is 12.

Three-Factor Scoring

It is possible to score the Mental Wellbeing Quiz according to a Three-factor model.

The three factors are: INSTRINSIC (I), EXTRINSIC (E) and PHYSICAL (P)

The I factor consists of the nine statements within LEARNING NEW SKILLS, BEING MINDFUL and THE SELF-CONCEPT.

The E factor consists of of the six statements within SOCIAL CONNECTIONS and GIVING TO OTHERS.

The P factor consists of the three statements within PHYSICAL

The scoring for each factor within the three-factor models is as follows:

I = (sum of constituent statement scores/36)*100

E = (sum of constituent statement scores/24)*100

P = (sum of constituent statement scores/12)*100

The minimum and maximum score for each of the three factors are 0 and 100 respectively.

Further Information

Information about the Mental Wellbeing Quiz can be found by following the links below

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