Mental Skills for Dancers


This short course provides a basic introduction to: Dance Psychology, four areas of Psychology, a range of mental skills that are pertinent to dance, and an opportunity to reflect on their relevance within your dance practice.




Mental Skills for Dancers

From performance anxiety to perfectionism, from goal setting to eating behaviours, in this course you will learn about 13 mental skills for dancers. Understanding your mental skills can help you become the dancer you’ve always dreamed of being.

“Brilliant CPD, helpful and relevant to all strands of working and learning in the dance world”

Mental skills sit at the heart of human psychology. That’s why, in this course, we begin with an introduction to four areas of human psychology.

Dance Psychology is the study of dance and dancers from a scientific, psychological, perspective. When we apply dance psychology to mental skills for dancers, its aim is to help people be the best dancers they can be.

Mental Skills for Dancers is written and presented by Dr Peter Lovatt. Peter has written two books on the psychology of dance and he taught several courses on Dance Psychology and Mental Skills to staff and students at the Royal Ballet School.


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