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Movement in Practice Facilitators work in business, health, social care, dance and educational settings, using evidence-based theory on how movement enhances the human experience and how this can be applied within the work they do.

Movement in Practice Facilitators work with individuals, teams and organisations.

Movement in Practice uses evidence-based theory from Occupational Therapy, Dance Psychology and Systemic Theory approaches. 

Movement in Practice Facilitators have knowledge of the 4-STEP approach, which is concerned with understanding the consequences of movement on the Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical aspects of the human experience.

Movement in Practice Facilitators have gained experience in using a range of applied techniques to bring effective Movement in Practice interventions into their work, to improve health, well-being, creativity, connectivity, productivity and to re-energise individuals, teams and organisations.

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Movement in Practice Facilitators

Kaylie Stock is a professional dancer originally from the UK now residing in Gold Coast, Australia. Kaylie currently creates pop up workshops called “Move Your Mind”, using movement and dance to help improve overall wellbeing.

Her workshops focus on combatting “Noisy Mind Syndrome” and highlight the importance of dance for our mental health. Kaylie frequently posts motivating dance videos on her Instagram and will soon be running online “Move Your Mind” workshops.

Instagram Handle: @kayliestock

Kaylie is based in Australia.

Juan Carlos Claudio is a dynamic dance educator, practitioner, and community leader who has made significant contributions to the fields of dance and health sciences over the past three decades. Originally from Puerto Rico, Juan has been a resident of Salt Lake City for nearly 30 years and has become a well-respected and innovative member of the community.

Currently an Instructor of Dance at Weber State University, Juan teaches a variety of courses, including dance education, dance in health, and dance performance courses. He is also the Co-founder of Minding Motion for Graceful Aging™, a pioneering program that promotes physical, cognitive, and emotional health for older adults through movement and creative expression. Additionally, as the Founder and CEO of Grey Matters Dance LLC, Juan has created the first program of its kind in the state of Utah, which engages elderly daycares and assisted and memory care facilities in dance and movement activities. He just recently graduated as a Movement in Practice Facilitator from the Movement in Practice Academy.

With a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Utah and a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University, Juan is currently completing his second Master’s in Health Administration from Weber State University. His impressive resume includes diverse certificates and certifications in neuroscience, dance therapy, creative aging, health promotions, fitness for seniors, dementia behaviors, and dance for Parkinson’s disease.

As a former Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Utah, Juan has received numerous accolades for his teaching, mentoring, and community service initiatives. Notably, he was honored with the Generous Heart Award, a national recognition given to three educators who have dedicated their careers to serving others, especially those in marginalized communities.

Juan’s long-term goals include pursuing a Ph.D. in Mental Health and Leadership, to continue advocating for the benefits of the arts in the mental health of all ages, especially marginalized older adults. He is a passionate advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the field of dance and health sciences and is dedicated to using his skills and talents to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Juan Carlos Claudio is a highly accomplished and respected member of the dance and health sciences communities, whose innovative programs and advocacy work have had a significant impact on the lives of older adults and other marginalized populations.

Juan Carlos is a citizen of Utah, USA.

Nativa: Meaning Native  

Flow: A State of being/ Our true nature

Nativa Flow is the embodiment of returning back to being in Flow with your Native Self.

Mind and Body integration workshop to remember you are here to create a life you love, to experience the freedom of being at one with  the music and becoming the dance.

A pure self-expression to allow yourself to abandon rules and take up space.  Truly remembering you are a spiritual being here to experience joy, love, creativity and to really feel that you have the capacity to be living a life of your choosing.  

What To Expect. . . .

To explore and question your current real

Cacao Ceremony

Dynamic Movement Meditation

Ecstatic Dance

Community Connection

Chakra Healing Meditation 

We are really passionate about this experience and ultimately feel we all need to not just be alive but to experience truly living in alignment with our passion and purpose.

Katie is based in the UK

Jasmine Haque is a dance enthusiast.She chose exercise as the medium to share dance and became a qualified trainer. 

Jasmine trained in classical Indian styles but found her freedom and fell in love with dance through freestyle and creative expression. 

She set out on her mission to support communities and individuals to improve their health through fierce, fun dance fitness and has been delivering sessions since 2016.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that every individual has the potential to achieve better health, greater self-awareness and personal growth. 

Freedom to move and express was an integral part of Jasmines healing process from sexual abuse and domestic violence and she hosts female fitness sessions providing a safe space to express emotions, release tension, unleash inner fierceness and find relaxation through dance and somatic body flow.

Jasmine encourages and empowers individuals to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being, and to live a more fulfilling life.

She also creates and leads bespoke group movement sessions for children, the elderly and for community initiatives supporting those facing cultural barriers, disabilities, mental health issues, and physical health issues.

Jasmine is passionate about sharing the benefits of dance to all safely.

Tigerstripes Wellbeing coaching employs a holistic approach that integrates physical movement, mindfulness, and creative expression to foster self-awareness and emotional well-being. Jasmine Haque’s experience in this field enables her to guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds, and to help them develop a more positive relationship with themselves.

TigerStripes and its tag line Find your fierce represents the will power and ambition to reach self acceptance, to love the marks we acquire inside and out throughout our journeys here on earth.

Jasmine encourages individuals to explore their physical and emotional boundaries, and to tap into their innate creativity using movement, breathwork, and mindful practices to supports individuals to release tension, reduce stress, and cultivate their sense of inner peace. 

Jasmine is based in the UK.

Alastair works at the intersection of Dance/movement, Psychotherapy and Positive Psychology.

These come together in the Mambalsa Project. 

In essence: Mambalsa is an easy to learn, fun, new, stress busting dance that works in any format to almost any music.

At its heart is an ethos of self-development and evidence based well-being including Seligman’s PERMA and MIP’s STEP frameworks. 

Mambalsa is currently presented within:

  • Corporate communications and self-development programs.
  • Corporate entertainment.
  • Daytime Dance – a Lottery Funded mobility and confidence project at the Nightingale Cancer support Charity in Enfield.
  • Stress busting evening classes for the general public.

Since 1995 Alastair’s been a professional partner dance teacher presenting the highly successful Salsa Rapido 1-Day Intensive courses at London’s iconic Bar Salsa! Awards from clients include: TripAdviser Certificate of Excellence 2019, Travellers Choice 2020; and from peers: Salsateca’s Lifetime achievement award 2022. 

In addition to seven BBC productions he’s taught and performed salsa across Europe. He’s taken five stand up shows to the Edinburgh Fringe making him

uniquely qualified to present dance within a therapeutic context to any group large or small.  His secret is simple, make it fun and make it meaningful.  

Alastair is also a BACP registered integrative therapist and has a successful private practice in N. London.

For further information:

Alastair is based in the UK.

Diane Claire’s work is grounded in her lived experience of transforming what’s going on in our heads by starting at our feet. During her 20-year career as a professional storyteller, creative mentor and integrative transpersonal counsellor, she’s seen how walking liberates thinking; how movement enhances talking therapy and, crucially, how tuning into our rhythms can shift us from frustrating ‘stuck’ to energising ‘flow’.

With The Groove Practice, Diane combines her creative, coaching and counselling skills with the latest body-mind science to offer collaborative, solution-focused dynamic change work. Always aiming to empower her clients to become their own dynamic coach, she offers a choice of talking and walking consultations with moving/dancing prescriptions as brain-boosting, mood-lifting homework.

Diane is based in the UK.

Shirley is a Registered Nurse that teaches Line Dance for exercise. She had many health benefits personally and has a lot of fun dancing. She wanted to share this with friends, however many said they could not learn to dance. Shirley had never been able to dance until she finally learned to Line Dance. After she learned she tried to determine how she had learned and developed a method for teaching. She calls her method the DWIC (Do What I Can) Method. Shirley works with seniors and encourages exercise (Line Dancing) for short consistent periods.

Shirley is based in the USA.

With over fifteen years experience, her main focus is private practice at Orquidia Therapy .  Previous clinical employment includes The Priory Hospital, the University of East London and West London Centre for Counselling.  She offer individual therapy for adults, psychological evaluations for adoption and PsyFlow Movement interventions for improved emotional and physical health.

PsyFlow Movement & Rhythms classes designed to promote emotional and mental wellbeing as well as physical health.  At PsyFlow you get a workout of both body and mind informed by the Movement In Practice Approach, STEP.  Mindfulness is interspersed through the movement intervention as yet another evidence-based practice to improve wellbeing.  Weekly classes are dedicated to boosting resilience, improving mood, self acceptance and body confidence while working out and dancing to some of your favourite tunes.  Structured choreographies and improvisational movement are practiced and developed at PsyFlow.  Therapeutic groups can be especially designed to facilitate weight management and improve body confidence, address menopausal changes, along with psychological issues around confidence and general mood management.  They can serve as a holding space for NHS waiting lists while waiting for therapeutic interventions.

Sandra is based in the UK.

Michelle was Assistant Director of Dance at The BRIT School and a former Director of Dance at one of the UK’s top co-ed boarding schools according to The Sunday Times‘ Parent Power 2019/2020. She founded the Dancecentre Brighton, which from 2002-2010, was the first commercial studios for dance in Brighton.

Happy Me Dance (HMD) programmes and Health and Wellbeing packages open up the discussion about mental health and wellbeing with children and young people through the primary years aged 5-11, to create an open culture towards the subject. HMD have combined their dance and movement based skill sessions with elements of the MIND course designed by West Kent Mind in collaboration with Kent County Council and Kent Association of Head Teachers.

Michelle is based in the UK.

Clare Dudeney is an experienced Therapeutic Counsellor working in private practice with expertise and lived experience in the area of neurodiversity, offering therapy online and in person from her practice in Bedford. Clare was diagnosed dyspraxic in childhood, and autistic and ADHD in adulthood. She offers a therapeutic package specifically aimed at introducing and exploring the benefits of movement to her neurodivergent counselling clients, tailored to their individual needs. 

Talking about mental health and wellbeing on a broader scale through a neurodivergent lens is an important part of Clare’s evolving work as ‘The Humanistic Autistic’. She brings knowledge and conversation starters from both a professional and personal perspective across social media to spread awareness and understanding around neurodivergent wellbeing, with a particular focus on the wide-ranging benefits of movement. 

Clare is based in the UK.

Marijke uses Movement in Practice to stimulate the elderly and people with Alzheimer and Parkinsons to get them out of their comfort zone. She loves to create an inspiring mood and a safe environment to challenge people to show the best of themselves.

Marijke is based in the Netherlands

NEGAR NASIRI Movement in Practice Facilitator

Negar Nasiri

Negar has been dancing all her life and has a passion for dancing. Now as a facilitator for Movement in Practice would like to use her passion for teaching others at the workplace and for people to feel good and positive through Persian dance. She believes dancing is not only joyful but also therapeutic.

Negar is based in the UK.

As an experienced University dance lecturer, Jane is using her ‘Greenhouse’ concept to create safe movement spaces for students and community participants across all ages and settings, enabling everyone to gain the maximum from the physical connections and social benefits of each session.


Sorcha Monk Movement in Practice Facilitator

Sorcha Monk

Sorcha Monk works in community development in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, aiming at enhancing community cohesion and reducing social isolation by using dance.  

Lisa Lister is an author, psychotherapeutic coach + a somatic movement practitioner who offers support, space and counsel to women who are exploring, navigating and wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, sex, creativity, pleasure + passion in these ‘interesting’ times.

Her movement practices – SHE Flow + In.Your.Body.Ment – are unique blends of nourishing movement, breath work, sound + somatic practices created + curated to support, resource + work in tune with the cyclical nature + rhythmic intelligence of your body.

Gemma Foley Movement in Practice Facilitator

Gemma Foley

Gemma Foley is an Occupational Therapist and works for a Specialist Eating Disorder Residential Care Home.   “I dance for me and not the ED” is a project she is currently introducing into the unit.


Promotes employee wellbeing, engagement and team building via short dance breaks and dance-themed activities during meetings/conferences/events. A social enterprise that offers free dance classes for charities and communities.

Hilke Dehaes is a Clinical Psychologist living in Belgium. (After dancing many years in a dance school,) she founded her own dance project: Open Dansvloer. It’s all about dancing for the joy of it and making dance a part of our daily life. She gives free dancing sessions, but also dance workshops for companies.


Julie Weston is a Zumba Gold Instructor at Yendell’s Health and Wellness Hub and an NLP Practitioner.  Running dance and movement sessions across North Norfolk specialising in groupwork called ‘Healing Through the Elements’.


Sara includes movement in her work with leadership teams, helping people connect through the joy and power of dance

Patricia Brok is a professional dancer from The Netherlands. She has also been teaching dance for the past 8 years and is currently a psychology student.  With ‘Move Your Psyche’ she combines dance and psychology to help others improve their (mental) health.

Lejla Musovic

MoveMe Grow

MoveMe Grow is a movement intervention program for Kindergarten children aged between 3-6 years old.

Lelja Musovic is a dancer from Oslo, Norway. 

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