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Movement in Practice Facilitators work in business, health, social care, dance and educational settings, using evidence-based theory on how movement enhances the human experience and how this can be applied within the work they do.

Movement in Practice Facilitators work with individuals, teams and organisations.

Movement in Practice uses evidence-based theory from Occupational Therapy, Dance Psychology and Systemic Theory approaches. 

Movement in Practice Facilitators have knowledge of the 4-STEP approach, which is concerned with understanding the consequences of movement on the Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical aspects of the human experience.

Movement in Practice Facilitators have gained experience in using a range of applied techniques to bring effective Movement in Practice interventions into their work, to improve health, well-being, creativity, connectivity, productivity and to re-energise individuals, teams and organisations.

Movement in Practice Facilitators

Promotes employee wellbeing, engagement and team building via short dance breaks and dance-themed activities during meetings/conferences/events. A social enterprise that offers free dance classes for charities and communities.

Hilke Dehaes is a Clinical Psychologist living in Belgium. (After dancing many years in a dance school,) she founded her own dance project: Open Dansvloer. It’s all about dancing for the joy of it and making dance a part of our daily life. She gives free dancing sessions, but also dance workshops for companies.


Julie Weston is a Zumba Gold Instructor at Yendell’s Health and Wellness Hub and an NLP Practitioner.  Running dance and movement sessions across North Norfolk specialising in groupwork called ‘Healing Through the Elements’.


Sara includes movement in her work with leadership teams, helping people connect through the joy and power of dance

Patricia Brok is a professional dancer from The Netherlands. She has also been teaching dance for the past 8 years and is currently a psychology student.  With ‘Move Your Psyche’ she combines dance and psychology to help others improve their (mental) health.

Lejla Musovic

MoveMe Grow

MoveMe Grow is a movement intervention program for Kindergarten children aged between 3-6 years old.

Lelja Musovic is a dancer from Oslo, Norway. 

As an experienced University dance lecturer, Jane is using her ‘Greenhouse’ concept to create safe movement spaces for students and community participants across all ages and settings, enabling everyone to gain the maximum from the physical connections and social benefits of each session.


Sorcha Monk Movement in Practice Facilitator

Sorcha Monk

Sorcha Monk works in community development in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, aiming at enhancing community cohesion and reducing social isolation by using dance.  

Lisa Lister is an author, psychotherapeutic coach + a somatic movement practitioner who offers support, space and counsel to women who are exploring, navigating and wanting to heal their relationship with their body, power, sex, creativity, pleasure + passion in these ‘interesting’ times.

Her movement practices – SHE Flow + In.Your.Body.Ment – are unique blends of nourishing movement, breath work, sound + somatic practices created + curated to support, resource + work in tune with the cyclical nature + rhythmic intelligence of your body.

Gemma Foley Movement in Practice Facilitator

Gemma Foley

Gemma Foley is an Occupational Therapist and works for a Specialist Eating Disorder Residential Care Home.   “I dance for me and not the ED” is a project she is currently introducing into the unit.


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