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Complaints Policy and Procedure

Movement in Practice is committed to providing the best possible service that we can. We recognise that sometimes customers will feel that they have cause to complain about the service they have received.

We encourage all feedback from customers, including complaints, and have developed a Complaints Policy and an associated Complaints Procedure. Our Complaints Policy explains our broad approach to handling all complaints. Our Complaints Procedure provides clear information on how individual complaints will be handled.

Reports relating to complaints will be responded to in accordance with our Policies and Procedures. If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, this will be dealt with as a failure of service under the terms of our Complaints Policy.

Movement in Practice– Complaints Policy

Movement in Practice is committed to treating all valid complaints seriously and assessing them thoroughly.

 A complaint can be made by a customer who has an expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of a service, action or lack of action by or on behalf of Movement in Practice.

A Customer is anyone who contacts Movement in Practice to request a service or is in receipt of a service.

 A complaint may relate to:

  1. The quality and standard of service offered by Movement in Practice
  2. Failure to provide a service that is agreed or promised;
  3. The quality of learning resources;
  4. Treatment by, or attitude of a, member of staff, student, contractor or any other stakeholder;
  5. Inappropriate behaviour by a member of staff, student, contractor or any other stake holder;
  6. Failure by Movement in Practice to follow appropriate administrative processes;
  7. Dissatisfaction with the Movement in Practice policies or procedures.


A complaint will not be accepted by Movement in Practice if:

it is deemed to be vexatious or where irrational demands are made or where the complainant is unreasonably persistent.

it is related to an academic decision.

a complainant who takes an overly aggressive or abusive approach towards any member of staff; (all members of staff have a right to be treated courteously and with respect).

Recording – Movement in Practice staff must record all complaints so that the data can be used for analysis and management reporting. By recording and using complaints information in this way, the causes of complaints can be identified, addressed and, where appropriate, training opportunities can be identified, and improvements made to the services offered.

Time Span – All complaints directed to Movement in Practice need to be delivered within 3 months of the original complaining issue.  All formal complaints received by Movement in Practice, (unless about services offered by an external body which then needs to be referred to them), should be investigated and a response sent to the complainant within 10 working days.

Monitoring :  

Movement in Practice is committed to continuous improvement in service delivery.

Movement in Practice will make it easy and straightforward to make a complaint

Movement in Practice will endeavour to respond to your complaint within the published timescales and keep you informed.

Movement in Practice will review our Complaints Policy at regular intervals.

Communication – the Movement in Practice Complaints Policy is available in hard copy.  Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Equality & Diversity – Movement in Practice customers have a right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive, and they can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

Movement in Practice has an Equality & Diversity Policy that covers all aspects of equality.

Movement in Practice– Complaints Procedure

Complaints should be raised as soon as problems arise to enable prompt investigation and swift resolution.  The Policy states that complaints need to be made within 3 months of the original complaint issue arising.

The Process of Making a complaint to Movement in Practice:

If you are unhappy with the service provided by Movement in Practice, we promise to take your complaint seriously and treat it as confidential.  We also aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.


  1. Make your complaint within 3 months of the original complaint issue.
  2. Make your complaint by either:

Phone              01263 514966



Letter              see registered address below

  1. You will get a first response within 10 working days of your complaint.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, this will be dealt with as a failure of service under the terms of our Complaints Policy.

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