Stevens et al 2021


Did you know – belonging to a sport or exercise group can help protect people against depression.

That’s according to new research published in Social Science and Medicine.

The critical link is thought to be down to increased physical activity and reduced loneliness.

The researchers Studied four and a half thousand people and found that being a member of a sport or exercise group predicted fewer symptoms of depression four years later.

and clinical depression rates were half those of the non-group members.

For YOU – this means that being a member of a sport or exercise group not only Increases physical activity and reduces loneliness, it can also reduce feelings of depression.

For SOCIETY – this means we should be creating opportunities in the workplace, in educational settings and in local communities for increased access to social exercise or sport.


Stevens, M., Lieschke, J., Cruwys, T., Cardenas, D., Platow, M.J., & Reynolds, K.J. (2021). Better together: How group-based physical activity protects against depression. Social Science & Medicine, Vol 286, October 2021, 114337.