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About Us

Movement in Practice was founded by Occupational Therapist Lindsey Lovatt and Psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt in 2020. Lindsey and Peter met while studying psychology in 1988. They fell in love on a night club dance floor and have been married ever since. Movement in Practice is the culmination of their joint passions: People, Education, Psychology and Movement.

Lindsey Lovatt

Director of Clinical Application

Lindsey Lovatt Headshot

Lindsey loves people.

She’s a qualified Occupational Therapist with an MSc in Forensic Mental Health, and postgraduate qualifications in Systemic & Family Therapy, Dramatherapy, Eating Disorders, and Parenting.

Specialising in CAMHS, Lindsey has always been a therapist at heart.

She has spent the last 30 years working closely with people, seeking to understand.

Lindsey has worked for the NHS as a leader in mental health services. With senior management roles, including Allied Health Professionals Lead for a large NHS Trust and being a specialist advisor for the Government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC),

Lindsey understands how people and organisations tick.

Lindsey is the co-founder of Movement in Practice, which is an educational organisation that uses movement to enhance people’s relationships, creativity, health and wellbeing. 

Dr Peter Lovatt

Director of Dance Psychology

Peter Lovatt Headshot

Peter loves to dance.

A former professional dancer, he’s a qualified psychologist, with a PhD in Psychology, an MSc in Neural Computation and a BSc in Psychology and English.

Peter has spent the last 25 years teaching at universities and carrying out research in Psychology, movement and dance.

Peter’s academic and teaching career extends from Cambridge University to the Royal Ballet School.

He has written two books on movement and dance and has authored academic papers on thinking, learning, problem-solving, memory, Parkinson’s disease, dance, rhythm and timing.

Peter’s work has been reported internationally. He loves to give groovy keynote talks and he has shared keynote sessions with Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and a host of leaders in the worlds of business, education, sport, politics and entertainment.

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